Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can being in a FAA program and Food Co-exsist?

How does a food loving, now member of FAA deal with life: eating, feeding, sharing and living with food and still remain true to the required food plan. Is it possible?

I have been too much into food lately- not so much eating it- although I have not been as strict. I have not lost any more weight for over five months now. Nor have I gained any. I still have at least 40 to go though. It is mostly not working out consistently – or enough . I do think summer will help; I usually get inspired with Summer. But about being into the food- as you may know or not- I often joke about food porn etc…how I had to cut out reading cookbooks so much and watching Food Network. Now it is food blogs that has me spellbound – and a couple in particular. They both have books out too. They write wonderful stories intertwined with recipes and showered with a love for life, my favorite aspect of it all. Damn, they are just plain - inspiring!

The point to this is I am realizing I love to cook for people- not that I do not like finding tasty ways to make my food program more racy/tasty; but even if it is something I can not have- if it sounds like something interesting to make and something people will love I can not resist and I know it is part of me I can not ignore. This is what I feel they have done for me- it was slowly coming anyway- the memory of loving to make bread and my new forays into making Rustic artisan bread, always cooking up food for my sister and son on my weekends, during the week for *“The Tribe”.

One other thing, I read an article yesterday about too much deprivation and how it can thwart you more than you know – it made sense. So I made the Artisan bread and I did not eat any but I shared with my brother and Sister in law who said they enjoyed it.

I think cooking is as spiritual and nurturing just as gardening is – so I am going to let it flow unless I see it becomes a problem for me and my abstinence. I always remember the Firefighter friend and a fiend for my home made cinnamon rolls who always joked that he worked out all the time to eat- not that I could ever get to the point of working our enough to eat cinnamon rolls. Working out is so good for you – so whatever excuse you give, is worth it. So this revelation and reading blogs urged my soul to write a blog too. I will write of food, what works for abstinence, gardens, family, pets and love of life.

My next chapter will explain FAA, abstinence and how I became involved.

* (I refer to my family I live with part time- Daughter and her guy and my Grandkids as the TRIBE).

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